Brunswick Estate Repainting Specification 2020/2021

Paint specification and requirements for the 5-yearly repainting of the Brunswick Estate


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The Hove Borough Council Act 1976 includes a requirement for the fronts of all properties in the original Brunswick Estate to be maintained unaltered and painted every five years. This Act succeeds the Brunswick Town Act of 1830 which was introduced to preserve a unity of appearance following completion of the Estate.

Due to difficulties caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the council has extended the 2020 period for compliance by a year.  All properties covered by the Act are now required to be redecorated by 31 December 2021.  Thereafter, the five-year cycle will restart, with the next redecoration required in 2026.

The Act applies to 1-58 Brunswick Square, 1-42 Brunswick Terrace and 1-8 Brunswick Place.

The paint to be used on previously painted masonry is Sandtex Classic Stone Gloss – Hove Cream, for previously painted joinery (except doors) it is Sandtex Trade Flexigloss X-tra – Hove Cream, and for all previously painted metalwork and doors it is Sandtex Trade Flexigloss X-tra – Black.  These paints and other specified materials are held by C Brewer and Sons Limited at their stores in both Brighton and Hove.

The specification is the same as that of 2015 with emphasis on the need for a thorough approach to preparation and painting, specifically:

  • Application of paint when temperature is likely to remain above 8°C until the paint is dry.  Under normal conditions allow 6 hours
  • Stripping areas of failed paint
  • Abrading all existing paint prior to redecoration
  • Feather-edging different thicknesses of existing paint layers
  • Thorough washing and drying
  • Allowing extra drying time after washing for cool, shaded areas.

In addition Crown have provided more detailed advice for treating large surface defects in wood, and changes to the section on priming and undercoating metalwork.

You can view or download the detailed specification below:

During the summer of 2013 a firm of consultants specialising in paint technology undertook a review of the paint performance. Their report can be found here: