Article 4 Directions

Article 4 Directions provide additional planning control for some areas in Brighton & Hove.

Article 4 Directions provide additional planning control for some areas in Brighton & Hove.

Most Article 4 Directions in the city are used to protect the character of a conservation area or the visual amenities of other areas.

There are also some Article 4 Directions in place for change of use.

Article 4 Directions for change of use

Heritage Article 4 Directions in Brighton & Hove

These Article 4 Directions mean that planning permission is required for minor developments For example new porches, replacement windows and doors, replacement roof coverings and painting of the exterior of a building.

These directions usually only apply to single dwelling houses. Stricter planning controls are already in place for flats and other types of building.

Most directions relate to the facades of buildings that face onto a street, public footpath or open space. Sometimes they cover alterations and extensions at the rear of a building or back garden.

Read or download a list of all Article 4 Directions in the city as of 22 September 2021.

View Heritage Article 4 Directions below:

A4/02 Kemp Town (PDF 57KB)

A4/03 Bedford Square (PDF 74KB)

A4/04 Hanover Crescent (PDF 74KB)

A4/05 Oriental Place (PDF 74KB)

A4/06 Montpelier Crescent (PDF 75KB)

A4/07 Park Crescent (PDF 52KB)

A4/08 Powis Square (PDF 70KB)

A4/09 Regency Square (PDF 75KB)

A4/10 Marine Square (PDF 70KB)

A4/11 Montpelier Villas (PDF 52KB)

A4/12 Clifton Terrace (PDF 52KB)

A4/13 Wykeham Terrace (PDF 55KB)

A4/14 Sillwood Road (PDF 75KB)

A4/15 Russell Square (PDF 52KB)

A4/16 Clarence Square (PDF 52KB)

A4/17 Norfolk Square (PDF 33KB)

A4/18 Hilltop (PDF 30KB)

A4/19 North Laine (PDF 54KB) amended March 2005

A4/20 Preston Park (PDF 113KB)

A4/21 Preston Village (PDF 114KB)

A4/22 Round Hill Conservation Area (PDF 113KB)

A4/23 West Hill Conservation Area (PDF 110KB)

A4/24 The Avenues, Cliftonville extension and The Drive (PDF 71KB) 

A4/25 Brunswick comprehensive (PDF 233KB)

A4/26 Brunswick minor works (PDF 227KB)

A4/27 Cliftonville, Denmark Villas & The Drive (PDF 66KB)

A4/28 Pembroke & Princes (PDF 234KB)

A4/29 Pembroke & Princes Boundaries (PDF 240KB)

A4/30 Satellite dishes & other aerials (PDF 290KB)

A4/31 County cricket ground Eaton Road - Markets (PDF 52KB)

A4/32 Golf Farm, Devil’s Dyke Road - agricultural buildings (PDF 229KB)

A4/33 New Barn Farm, Foredown Hill & Motorcycle Racing (PDF 156KB)

A4/34 Adelaide, Palmeira Square, Western Road (PDF 170KB)

A4/35 Brunswick Place, North (PDF 57KB)

A4/36 Court Farm, Devil's Dyke Road & agricultural buildings (PDF 209KB)

A4/37 Lansdowne Square and Place (PDF 242KB)

A4/44 Stanmer Village (PDF 164KB)

A4/45 Portslade Conservation Area (PDF 48KB)

A4/46 Patcham Conservation Area (PDF 171KB)

A4/47 Rottingdean Conservation Area (PDF 118KB)

A4/48 Ovingdean Conservation Area (PDF 172KB)

A4/49 Queen's Park conservation area Article 4 Direction