Archaeology - Heritage

Find out about below-ground archaeology in the city, including scheduled monuments, archaeological notification areas and the Historic Environment Record (HER)

Archaeological Service in Brighton & Hove

Brighton & Hove City Council has an agreement with East Sussex County Council Archaeology Team to provide the archaeological service on behalf of the city council.  They give advice on the management, preservation and understanding of archaeological remains.

The County Archaeology Team also maintains the Historic Environment Record (HER) for the city.  The HER is a database of known archaeological and historic sites.  It is used as part of the planning process to manage the city’s heritage, to inform planning proposals and is also a valuable research tool.  A request to search the HER can be submitted via their website.

Scheduled Monuments

Scheduled Monuments are nationally important archaeological sites, designated by Historic England.  Scheduled Monument Consent is required for any works which would affect a designated site.  Applications are determined directly by Historic England.

You can search for scheduled monuments on the National Heritage List for England on the Historic England website.

Archaeological Notification Areas (ANAs)

As part of the Historic Environment Record a series of areas containing recorded archaeological remains have been defined. These areas are called Archaeological Notification Areas and are designed to alert applicants and planning teams to potential impacts on heritage that would need to be addressed in line with the National Planning Policy Framework. The current maps can be reviewed via the Archaeological Notification Areas for East Sussex, Brighton and Hove website.  

Archaeological Conditions attached to Planning Permissions

Archaeological remains should be preserved in situ wherever possible.  Where this is not possible, conditions can be attached to a planning permission requiring archaeological investigations to be undertaken to record the archaeology, before it is removed or destroyed.

The Archaeology team can provide briefs to developers on the level of archaeological work required to discharge planning conditions and monitor the standard of archaeological work carried out.

Contact the County Archaeology Team

For pre-application advice or for information regarding a planning condition please contact the Archaeology team on  A request to search the HER can be submitted via the East Sussex County Archaeology Team's website.