Pay your building regulations application fees

Check how much your application will cost, and when and how to pay.

Application fees

We will contact you after we have checked your application to tell you how much you need to pay.

Download the table of building regulations application fees as a guide to how much your application might cost.

If you think your building works will cost more than £100,000, please phone 01273 292 050 to discuss your application fees.

Building Notices - when you need to pay

We'll ask you to pay the fee for your Building Notice application after we've checked your application and we have all the information required.

Our fee is for all the inspections, plus the final certificate.

Full Plans application - when you need to pay

We'll ask you to pay a Full Plans application in two stages:

  1. You pay the Plan Charge after our team has checked your application and we've all the information we need. After payment, your plan will be sent for approval by our plan checking officer.
  2. After work has started on site and we've carried out the first inspection, we'll invoice you for the Inspection Charge. This invoice is for all the inspections that take place before work is complete, plus the final certificate.

Pay online or by phone

Go to our online payments page and pay by credit or debit card.

Or pay by phone on 01273 292 050.