Get approval for demolition

When you need to submit a demolition notice to us, how to do it and what happens next.

When you need council permission 

You don't have to submit a notice to the council for all demolition work. 

You don't have to when:

  • you demolish an internal part of a building, where the building is occupied and will continue to be 
  • the outside of the building measures less than 50m³
  • the building is a greenhouse, shed, conservatory or prefabricated garage
  • the building is an agricultural building (as defined by Section 26 of the General Rate Act 1967).

If you are in any doubt please contact our Building Control team.

Planning permission

Even if you don’t need to submit a demolition notice, you should still check if you need planning permission, especially if the property is:

  • a listed building
  • in a conservation area
  • a dwelling house
  • a building containing a flat
  • a residential home
  • a hotel

You should also check whether any trees on the site are protected by a Tree Preservation Order.

Submit a demolition notice

If you plan to demolish a building that is not included in the list above, you should tell our Building Control team about the demolition.

You must submit the form at least 6 weeks before the demolition is planned to take place.

After you submit your demolition notice

When we receive notice of a demolition, we notify immediate neighbours and the 'statutory service undertakers', such gas, water, highways and the emergency services.

We'll contact you with what we call a "counter notice" as soon as possible. This sets out the conditions that you must comply with during the demolition process.

The conditions normally require you to carry out works to affected services, such as pipes, roads and adjoining buildings. They also require you to make sure your site is safe and protected.

Do not start demolition until you receive the demolition notice.

    If the building might contain asbestos

    If you suspect you have found asbestos, you should contact the Health and Safety Executive immediately. Its requirements for safe removal and disposal should be followed by the demolition contractor.

    Read helpful asbestos guidance from the Health and Safety Executive.

    Things to consider when carrying out demolition work

    The Construction Design and Management Regulations (CDM) apply to most demolition work. 

    If you are doing work on or near a wall that is shared with another property, please checkthe Party Wall Act or search for a party wall surveyor.