Building regulations customer service standards

What you can expect from the Building Control team and how we can help you with your building work.

Building Regulations customer service standards

The Building Regulations team ensure the health, safety and welfare of people in and around buildings. We also ensure that building works use energy conservation measures and that buildings are accessible to everyone.

To achieve this, we aim to do what's listed below.


We check all Full Plans applications and inform applicants, or agents, of any changes needed within 25 working days of submission.

We decide all Full Plans applications within 8 weeks of submission. This can happen sooner if we hear back from the applicant or their agent promptly.

Site inspections

We aim to carry out all site visits on the day requested and, where possible, at an agreed time.

We carry out commencement and intermediate inspections the next day, providing the request is made by 4pm.

We aim to carry out completion inspections within 5 working days of a request.

Before you occupy a new or altered building, you must give us 5 working days’ notice.

Other areas of the service

We aim to:

  • treat all our customers with respect and be clear about our requirements
  • respond to all correspondence within 10 working days
  • respond to dangerous structure reports on the same day or within 1 working day
  • respond to any complaint quickly and efficiently

The council’s promise to our customers

We also follow the council customer promise as well as our own standards. Go to our council-wide customer promise to find out what this means for you.