Book a site inspection

How to request a site inspection

You can now book a site inspection anytime using our free mobile phone app 

The Local Authority Building Control (LABC) app is recognised across the country and is simple and fast to use. You will receive an immediate acknowledgement of your request with no waiting in a phone queue or for an email response. 

Watch our quick video on how to use the app.

You can also book an inspection over the phone or by email  

To book an inspection with one of our building control surveyors: 

When to book your inspection 

You should ask for a site inspection by 2pm, the day before you want us to visit. 

Unfortunately, we cannot give set times, but most site inspections take place between 9am and 2.30pm. 

When to request a completion inspection 

We may need more notice if you ask for a completion inspection. We aim to carry out completion inspections within 5 days of you requesting one. 

A brief guide for property owners 

Building regulations are the standards and rules for building work. They ensure building work is safe and meets energy efficiency standards. 

Depending on your project you may require several inspections at different stages of the work. After they're carried out you will be issued with a completion certificate. You will need this you ever sell the property. 

The things we look at when we carry out your inspection depend on the type of work that you're carrying out, but they will include things like: 

  • the foundations  
  • the floors 
  • the drains  
  • any structural steelwork 
  • the wall construction  
  • damp proofing 
  • how the roof is constructed how its insulated, and 
  • the electrics

The responsibility for booking site visits rests with you and your builder.