Remove pests in a residential property

Get help with removing pests like rats, mice, fleas, carpet moths and cockroaches from your residential property.

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We provide professional treatment and advice on a range of different pests, at council and private properties. 

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About our pest control officers

All of our officers are fully qualified. They have a level 2 award in Pest Management from the Royal Society for Public Health.

How much it costs

The fees below are for residential properties. We offer different rates for commercial properties and businesses.

We advise you to compare the cost of our services with other contractors.

Rats and mice

If booking a rat or mouse treatment the service includes 3 visits.  Due to system constraints customers are only able to book their first visit. Your second and final visit will be booked by us.  This will usually be done on the same or the next day. You'll receive a text/email with these dates.

The treatment costs £132 and includes up to 3 visits. Additional visits cost £50 per visit.

You'll need to prepare your property before your rat or mouse treatment appointment.

Fleas and carpet moths

Treatment cost varies depending on the number of bedrooms in the property. After 4 weeks, if the treatment hasn't been successful, we can re-spray your property.

For us to re-spray your property, you must contact us no later than 6 weeks after the treatment has been completed. If you contact us later than 6 weeks, we'll not be able to re-spray your property, and you'll be charged for further treatments. 

You'll need to prepare your property before your flea or carpet moth treatment appointment.

Costs for flea treatment

1 to 2 bedrooms - £110

3 to 4 bedrooms - £132

5 or more bedrooms - £187

Costs for carpet moth treatment

1 to 2 bedrooms - £107

3 to 4 bedrooms - £129

5 or more bedrooms - £177

Other pests


This treatment costs from £215 to £364, depending on the number of bedrooms in the property.

The price includes re-spray if the first treatment is unsuccessful.


It costs £76 to remove 1 wasp nest. We don't spray nests until the beginning of July when the queen is more likely to be in the nest.

If the queen is not in the nest when we spray it, there's a chance that she’ll return and build a new nest close by. This could be in a location that’s harder to reach.


Our pest control officers will not kill bees due to their value to the environment.

If your pests turn out to be bees, you'll still be charged for the visit from our pest control officer.

If you have a bee swarm or a honey-bee nest, you may want to contact the British Bee Keepers Association. They can put you in contact with a local beekeeper or swarm collector.

Squirrels in your loft

For squirrel treatment, we'll assess the property and give you advice on proofing. We'll lay bait in the appropriate areas to control the infestation.

We'll come back to check on a weekly basis for 4 weeks. This service costs £188 in total.


Consultations allow us to investigate the problem that you are having, and offer treatment advice and options.

Initial consultations cost £59 and include:

  • a visit to your property from a pest control officer
  • investigation of the problem
  • treatment advice

This fee will be taken off the cost of any treatment if you need it. Treatments that require follow-up visits can be arranged later.

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