Preparing for your pest control appointment

What you need to do before our pest control officer comes to your property to carry out the treatment

Someone has to be at your address at the time of your appointment.

What you need to do

You need to follow the instructions below, so that the pest control officer can carry out the treatment.

Treating for fleas and insects

Before the appointment you need to:

  • after the treatment please refrain from vacuuming or sweeping the floors for 3 weeks to allow the treatment to be fully effective
  • clear the floor area as much as possible
  • clean, vacuum or sweep the property thoroughly (especially around the skirting boards) then empty vacuum cleaners into an outside bin to prevent re-contamination
  • cover or store all food
  • remove or cover fish tanks and vivariums
  • remove all phone chargers and multi-plug units from the wall sockets
  • remove all pets from the property - they should not be allowed back in until the area has been aired and they need to be treated with a veterinary strength flea product to prevent re-infestation
  • remove all plants from the areas that need treatment
  • cover electrical equipment such as stereos, video and DVD players, and make sure these items are not on the floor

After the treatment you need to:

  • leave the property for at least three hours
  • when you return, open windows to ventilate treated rooms

Treating for rats and mice

The rat bait that will be used for controlling for rats and mice prevents blood clotting and is poisonous.

In case of accidental consumption, take the patient to your local Accident & Emergency or your pet to a veterinary surgeon.

Before the appointment you need to:

  • make sure that children and pets, particularly dogs, do not have access to the areas where the baits are likely to be located