On-street parking information map

Guide map showing where you can and can't park in the city.

About the map

This map covers areas which are public highway. This current map is a guide only. We're regularly updating it, and working towards having a map showing all the parking places and parking restrictions for the city, so you can see where you can and can’t park.

Make sure you check road markings and signs on-street before parking.

This map does not show any temporary restrictions such as those in place for building or road works and does not include any of the council managed car parks.

Report a change to the map

Tell us if you notice any differences from what is on the map to what is on street. Send an email to parkingdesign@brighton-hove.gov.uk

View the map

You can open the map in a new window or view it below.

How to use this map

Use the layer list icon to view different parking restrictions. The arrows expand to show the colour and shape of the restriction.

Tick or untick the box next to it to add or remove the the restriction type.

On the map, select the restriction you're looking at to get more details about the bay or restriction.