Report a vehicle parked where it should not be

Find out what information you'll need to give us to report a vehicle by phone or online.

How to report a vehicle

If you see a vehicle parked where you think it should not be, you can report it to us.

By phone

Call us on 03456 035 469 and select option 2. This is a 24 hour answer phone service, please leave a message.

We aim to attend within one hour of receiving the complaint between 9am and 8pm.


For problems that do not need a response within one hour, you can report an illegally parked vehicle online.

You'll need to:

  • enter your contact details
  • select the option “Request Parking Enforcement”
  • complete as many fields on the form as possible – you can upload photos

If you believe a vehicle is abandoned, find out how to report an abandoned vehicle

What we'll need to know

You'll need:

  • vehicle registration
  • name of the street that the vehicle is parked in
  • number of the property that the vehicle is parked outside of
  • type of bay that the vehicle is parked in

A Civil Enforcement Officer will be asked to go and assess the situation. If a vehicle is parked where it should not be then a penalty charge notice may be issued.

Please note, there are some vehicles that are exempt from the parking restrictions or have permission to park in certain bays. These vehicles will usually have either a permit, badge or ticket on display.

We have introduced Pay by Phone parking to controlled parking zones across the city. People who have paid to park using their phone will not be displaying a ticket on their vehicle but will still be legally parked.