Update your resident parking permit if you change your vehicle

Find out what to do if you change your vehicle.

If you change your vehicle, you will need to update your resident parking permit details or your permit won't be valid.

If you have a new vehicle 

If your permit is registered with MyAccount, you can sign in and change your vehicle details. 

Sign in to MyAccount 

If you have not moved your permit to MyAccount, you'll need to fill in a change of vehicle form and send the form in an online message

Your new vehicle won’t be covered until you receive an email confirming your new permit has been printed and posted. You should find alternative parking in the meantime.  

If you have a temporary vehicle 

You can temporarily change your vehicle details in MyAccount

If you do not have a MyAccount, phone 01273 296 622. 

You will need to tell us your: 

  • resident parking permit number, which is on the bottom left corner of your permit 
  • full name 
  • phone number 
  • temporary vehicle details, including vehicle registration mark