Pay your parking or bus lane fine

How to pay your parking or bus lane fine, also known as a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN).

What to do about your fine 

We issue:

When you log in to pay or appeal your fine, we will give you a code and a short description of the rule you've broken. The codes are set by the Department for Transport and are called contravention codes. There may also be photographs for you to review. 

If you accept the reason for the fine, you can pay it. If you don't accept the reason for the fine, you can appeal it.  

Do not pay your fine if you intend to appeal it. We can’t refund a fine after it's been paid.

Find out how to appeal a parking fine.

Pay a fine online 

You cannot pay your parking fine through MyAccount.

You will need your: 

Other information available on the PCN payment portal

By logging into the PCN payment portal you can find:

  • where, when and why you received a fine, including photo and video evidence
  • how much you owe
  • when your Penalty Charge is due to increase, and how much you’ll have to pay

Other ways to pay your fine 

Pay by phone 

Phone 01273 296 622