Appeal a parking or bus lane fine

You can appeal your fine if you think you’ve been wrongly given a parking or bus lane fine, also known as Penalty Charge Notice (PCN).

Do not pay your fine if you intend to appeal it. We can’t refund a fine after it has been paid. 

When to make an appeal 

When you log in to pay or appeal your fine, you will be given a code and a short explanation of the rule that was broken. These are set by the Department for Transport and are called contravention codes. There may also be photo evidence for you to review. 

If you feel you shouldn’t have been given a fine, you can appeal it.  

You should make your appeal within 28 days of receiving the notice. If you make your appeal within 14 days, the cost of your fine will be held at the lower rate until after we have made our decision on your appeal.

Before you appeal your fine  

To make sure your appeal is valid, it is a good idea to: 

  • review the photo evidence we supply  
  • look at the CCTV footage for Bus Lane or CCTV PCNs 
  • if you got a fine when using a parking permit, review the terms and conditions and where you can and can’t park for your permit type 
  • get your supporting evidence ready, this can include: 
    • a photo of parking signs and where your car was parked 
    • a copy of a valid permit or parking ticket 
    • a repair note, if your car broke down 

How to appeal a parking fine

You will need your PCN number to make an appeal, if you don’t have it you can contact us to find out your PCN number

You can also send an appeal by post to Brighton & Hove City Council, PO BOX 204, Sheffield, S98 1LS.

Our decision

We will write to let you know the outcome of your appeal in 4 to 6 weeks.

If your challenge is successful

If your challenge is not successful