Paid parking zones (formerly pay and display)

Find out the cost of the paid parking zones in Brighton & Hove and a parking zone map to find out which parking zone a street is in.

The cost of paid parking varies around the city. It is important to check the signs and lines when parking, to ensure you are parked in the correct bay and that you are not parking for longer than allowed. 

The charge for parking can be checked on the PayByPhone app or on each pay and display machine.  

You can also pay for your parking using the PayByPhone app or website. It is useful to download the app or set up an account before you make your journey. If you use PaybyPhone charges will be calculated automatically. 


If you are unable to access the map, you can read how much paid parking costs for each zone.

Check where pay and display machines are located.

Tips for using pay and display machines 

When using pay and display machines please remember to: 

  • check the tariff on the machine that you are using 

  • insert the correct money 

  • ensure that all money has registered before you press the green button to produce the ticket 

  • make sure the machine produces a ticket at the end of the transaction 

  • make sure that you display the ticket clearly in your vehicle before leaving it unattended 

  • not return to the same bay within the time stated on the sign on the street