Parking suspension information

Read the terms and conditions of your parking suspension and find out about any fees and exceptions that may apply.

If you have requested a parking suspensions please make sure you check your junk email or spam folders for any emails from us.

Fees and charges

Administration fee

You will need to pay an administration fee of £36 for your application or £18 if you’re a resident or business with an address in Brighton & Hove.

If you’re a new resident moving into the city and your suspension is for a removal vehicle, you will pay the residents’ fee of £18.

This fee is non-refundable and will be included within the total cost of the suspension.

Amendment fee

If you make any changes in date, location or number of bays 4 days before the suspension start date, you’ll have to pay an amendment fee of £30.

If you do not pay the amendment fee, your suspension will be cancelled and refunded. The cancellation fee will apply.

Cancellation fee

You’ll have to pay a cancellation fee of £30 if you cancel your suspension after the signage has been put up.

The cancellation fee will only apply to applications cancelled by you or where you haven’t paid the amendment fee.

When we process your refund, we’ll deduct the cancellation fee from the refund amount.

Community event discount

We offer a discount of 50% to community events with an estimated attendance of 15,000 or fewer. This number will be based on the outdoor events team listing.

Our Parking Strategy and Contracts team will agree the discount.

Utility Suspensions

Utility suspensions are for water, gas, electric and telecom works. The cost varies depending where the suspension is.

Long-term applications

A long-term application has duration of more than 4 weeks.

You’ll pay the relevant daily charge for the first 28 days. From the 29th day the charge will increase until the end of your suspension.


If you no longer need your suspension, you may be able to get a full or partial refund.

If a vehicle has ignored the suspension signs and has parked in your suspension, you need to contact us before 11:30am on the day of your suspension by calling 03456 035 469.

If you make the removal request before 11:30am we’ll consider giving you a refund. Email and we’ll review the details of your case. This does not guarantee you a full or partial refund.

If the removal request is made after 11.30am on the day of the suspension, we cannot provide a refund and will not review your case.

A full refund will be issued if the suspension:

  • did not take place because we made an error
  • is cancelled by you before the suspension is put in place. You must let us know by midday the day before the suspension is not required
  • is cancelled by the police for security reasons

Partial Refund

If you’ve paid for a suspension for longer than you need it, you may be able to get a refund for the unused days.

We’ll calculate your refund based on the number of bays multiplied by the number of full unused days remaining.

You need to let us know by midday the day before the bay is not needed. You can email

Where we cannot suspend a bay

We do not suspend parking bays on Bank Holidays.

We cannot suspend taxi ranks in the same way as parking bays because they need a temporary traffic regulation order. If you need to suspend a taxi rank, email

We cannot suspend bays in car parks.

Your suspended bay

Each bay is 5.5 metres long. You need to make sure that you suspend enough bays for your purpose.

We will place a bright yellow sign by your parking suspension. The sign will have information about where the suspension is and the dates it will be suspended. Don’t move or change the sign, this will make the suspension invalid.

Parking in a suspended bay

In your application you gave us the registration numbers of any vehicles that will use the suspended bays. Only these vehicles can park in a suspended bay.

We check suspended bays early in the morning on the day of your suspension. If someone is parked there they may be moved even if they’re displaying a blue badge or they were parked there before the suspension signs were put up.

If you see a vehicle parked in your suspended bay, call 03456 035 469 and select option 2. Please leave a message if your call is not answered and include details of where your suspension is and information about the unauthorised vehicle.

Our relocation service only runs until 1pm and we cannot guarantee to remove vehicles that should not be in the suspended bay.

If you think your vehicle has been moved because it was parked in a suspended bay, call 03456 035 469 and select option 3 between 7am and midnight. You can also call the police on 101.

If you’re using a different vehicle to the one on your application, you need to tell us as soon as possible by calling 01273 296 622. If you don’t let us know, your vehicle may be removed from the bay and we might give you a parking fine (also called a penalty charge notice).


If there are any problems or you want to question the enforcement of the suspended bay, you’ll need to put this in writing and send it to us within 28 days of your suspension end date.