Resident parking permit update

A new way of applying for or renewing parking permits

The way residents apply for or renew parking permits has changed. It can now be done through the council’s MyAccount system; the same system used for other council services, such as Council Tax. 

In the long term, this change will improve the customer experience, making transactions with the council easier. It will also better protect against fraud and increase council efficiency. 

We would like to thank residents for their continued support whilst this change happens. If you do experience problems, please contact us and we will help you. 

Frequently asked questions

I have paid for my permit, but I haven’t received it, will I get fined and what shall I do in the meantime? 

First check that the application has been submitted– if it has, an email will have been sent titled ‘Resident Parking Permit Payment’ confirming that payment has been received. This means it’s being processed, which can take up to seven days. 

If you haven’t received that email, you should check your bank account to see if any charges have been paid to BHCC, if you have contacted us via our online form with evidence of the transaction. If funds have not been taken, then the application would not have been completed and you should try again 

You may have been asked to submit additional information. You should check for an email titled ‘Parking permit: We need more information’. You should check your junk mail or spam folder in case the email has been moved there because of your own email settings. If more information has been requested, the application will be on hold until we receive it.

New applications (not a renewal)

When a permit is approved and printed, you are automatically sent an email titled ‘Resident parking permit posted’. From this point you may park in your zone without displaying a permit for four days, and no PCN (Penalty Charge Notice) will be issued. As soon as you receive your permit, you must immediately start displaying it. If after four days the permit hasn’t arrived, you should contact us.


Your new permit will be valid from the day after your existing permit expires. Please note, you can apply to renew several weeks before your existing one expires – so there’s no need to contact us just because you’ve applied, say, three weeks ago: the important date is the expiration date of your existing permit. 

Late renewals

You should complete your renewal application at least 7 days before your existing permit expires – this is because it can take 7 days to process and post the new one to you. Also, we might have to ask for more information before approving your renewal application. If you leave it until after your existing permit has expired to renew, you will have to apply as if it was a completely new application (not a renewal). 

What do I do if I am receiving an error message when inputting my unique code and trying to link my permit record to MyAccount? 

If you are receiving an error message when you are trying to link your permit, please select the option that you do not have a previous permit. This will allow you to apply – then staff will change it to a renewal for you when they receive your application. They have the information to do this. 

However, if you are on a waiting list zone (M, Y or Z) please contact us and we will assist you with your application. You can contact us by phone or via the contact form on the website.

I am changing my vehicle and am submitting my request. Am I covered to park whilst waiting for the permit to arrive? 

No. You are not covered to park until you receive the email confirming it has been printed and posted. You should seek alternative parking arrangements until your new permit arrives.

How do I carry out a change of vehicle if my permit is not already on MyAccount? 

Please create a MyAccount and then try this: 

  • log into your MyAccount 
  • go to "Parking, Travel and Transport" 
  • click on "Resident parking permit" 
  • when asked "Do you have a previous permit?", select "I already have a resident parking permit" on the drop-down 
  • click on "I want to link my resident parking record to MyAccount, but I don't want to renew my permit" 
  • add your current permit number and old vehicle registration number – but leave blank the box which asks you for a ‘unique reference number’. 
  • click "search", then "submit" 
  • once matched, click on ‘Resident parking permit’, scroll down, and click on "change of vehicle" 
  • upload the cut-up permit, tick the declaration, and click "next" 
  • add the new vehicle registration and the model 
  • once all filled in and questions answered, click "calculate" then "next" 
  • if any payment needs to be done, please proceed with payment. Otherwise, click "next" 
  • upload the required evidence and click "purchase" 
  • select "checkout now" and proceed. 
  • a member of staff will then review your application. 
  • once approved you will receive an email confirmation and your permit will be posted to you. 

If the above doesn’t work at any point, please contact us by phone or via the contact form on the website and we’ll assist you. 

I’ve changed my address in MyAccount – do I also need to do the same when I click through to Parking? 

You should change your address under the ‘Personal Details’ tab on the left side of your screen. You will see a button that says ‘Tell us you’re moving’. Then follow the instructions. 

After doing this you’ll see a message in red around the ‘Parking, Travel and Transport’ button. You must do this bit so that Parking Services are alerted to your change of address. Please follow the instructions. 

What should I do if I have not received my renewal reminder? 

Renewing a permit is the responsibility of the resident and the expiry date is clearly displayed on the permit. If you do not receive the renewal letter and you know the permit is due for renewal please register for MyAccount and renew through this portal providing all the necessary proofs. 

If you live in zones M, Y or Z, these zones have waiting lists. If you don’t renew before your permit expires, you will have to re-join the waiting list. 

My address is coming up as being in a different zone than I have had previously, and I want to keep my old zone. How do I get it changed? 

The system allocates you with the correct zone based on your property’s geographical position as defined in the relevant Traffic Regulation Order, which is a legal document. 

I have a current permit and I am trying to renew but it is saying my address isn’t eligible for a resident permit. What do I do? 

This will be because of one of these things: 

  • you’ve entered your address manually instead of using the dropdown option. Please use the dropdown option if there is an address that links to you – even if you are used to identifying your address slightly differently than what’s in the dropdown. 
  • your address is outside any Controlled Parking Zones – so you can’t have a resident permit or visitor permits. 
  • you live in a ‘Car Free Development’ – so you can have visitor permits but not a resident permit unless you’re a Blue Badge holder. 
  • your address is on a ‘Private Road’ – so you can have visitor permits but not a resident permit. 

What do I do if I have not received my order of visitor permits? 

If you have not received your order of visitor permits please check if we’ve contacted you by email requesting any further documentation. Check your ‘spam’ or ‘junk’ folders in case the email has ended up there. 

If after 7 working days – and after checking your spam and junk folders – you’ve still not heard from us, please contact us. 

What do I do if I receive a PCN even though I have paid for my permit? 

If a PCN is issued as a result of us not having provided a permit in time that was applied for, or when people have genuinely attempted to get a permit and we haven’t responded to help them in time, we will cancel the PCN. However, you do need to appeal the PCN for us a) to know there’s an issue, and b) to be able to follow the rules around cancelling PCNs correctly. 

Why do I have to upload proofs if I’m renewing? You should have all the information already. 

We have moved to a new online system and therefore need to ensure that we have the correct documentation to ensure that the applicant meets the eligibility criteria for a permit. This will help ensure that permits are only issued to eligible residents and avoids fraudulent applications. By uploading proofs it also ensures that we use a secure and safe method of receiving data that meets the data protection policies. The historic information that may have already been supplied will not be valid as it may be out of date.

What is the best way of contacting Parking Services?  

The best way is to use the contact us form.

We aim to answer messages sent this way within 7 working days. 

For those who can’t use the internet, an Accessibility Line – 01273 296 622 – is available between 9am and 1:30pm, Monday to Friday.

Staff will help those who need it – however it is important that people who can use the ‘contact us’ form do use it, so that the Accessibility line is kept clear for those who require the additional support.