Recovery of road markings within Controlled Parking Zone J

How we're making sure road markings in the city are kept up to date.

Why we are fixing our road markings

Road markings inform road users of on street parking restrictions and traffic management.

We have an obligation to maintain road markings on the network to make things clear for road users. It also helps us to make sure that we carry out on street parking consistently. 

Where and when we are working

Work to recover the existing road markings in Zone J will begin in June. The work will run for approximately 13 weeks. 

The lining schedule shows where and when we will be doing the work on specific roads in the city.

The Road markings recovery schedule shows when the road markings are being scheduled to be recovered. Some roads have been split into east and west or north and south. This is to avoid displacement of vehicles and ease the pressure on relocating vehicles.  

The schedule is weather dependent.  

How we will work

We will place advanced notices and on street 48 hours before work begins. Lining work can be affected by the weather, this may sometimes cause a delay.

We work zone by zone. While we know that some road markings degrade more or more quickly on some streets rather than others, once a zone is done we will not need to repeat the work for many years. We still do minor repairs when and where they are needed.

It is beneficial to complete the zone in full as this avoids additional contractor costs that a reactive approach would incur. 

It is more cost-effective to do the work zone by zone because this avoids extra costs from contractors compared to if we do work every time it is needed.