Update on EV charging in Brighton & Hove

In January 2023 the Environment Transport & Sustainability Committee approved the second phase of procurement of electric vehicle charge points.

The council will be inviting investment by charge point operators for an additional minimum of:

  • 650 slow lamp post chargers
  • 250 fast chargers
  • 100 rapid chargers

Following the award of the contract, these chargers will be installed throughout the city within the next 3 years.

You can read the ETS committee report, agenda item 68, pages 93 to 104.

Locations of charge points

You can use the Blink Charging app to find the location of public chargers.

Request a charge point near your home

Use our online service to request an electric vehicle charge-point on your street. You'll need to:

  • enter your personal details 
  • select 'Electric vehicle' from the drop-down list 
  • fill in the other relevant information fields 

You can upload any relevant supporting documents.

We prioritise requests, to provide for people with the greatest need first. We take into account:

  • your current status as an EV driver - we prioritise people who currently own EVs, or with evidence of one on order
  • your proximity to existing chargers - we prioritise people without chargers on their street or nearby
  • unique factors at the point of looking at requests

There are going to be requests that we can’t meet, or can’t meet within the required timescale.

If you don't have a charge point nearby, we recommend looking at the locations of fast and rapid chargers.

Options for residents with access to a private driveway

There are grants available to install your own charging units on your driveway. These units often attach to your property. Find out about government grants for electric vehicles.

Options for residents with access to a driveway in a council owned property

You'll be able to apply for grants in the same way as a private home owner. You'll need to contact the housing team for landlord permission first. To do this:

Residential parking options

You can't trail cables from your house to your car if they cross the pavement or public highway. Instead, you should use the nearest chargers to you. We're exploring solutions that would be possible in Brighton & Hove.

Enforcement of EV bays

To report a vehicle blocking a charging bay phone 03456 035 469 and choose option 2. The enforcement team aims to respond within 1 hour.

Civil Enforcement Officers will observe the charge status of a vehicle by looking at the charge point (an orange light denotes an active charge) and will issue a Penalty Charge Notice to any vehicle found to not be charging within an EV bay.      

Between now and summer 2023 we will be converting almost all the remaining lamp post charger bays to parking for electric vehicle recharging only for permit holders. This should provide residents and their visitors with better access to these charge points. 

All rapid and fast charging bays are for EV charging only.

Issues with the Blink Charging app

If you're having any problems with the Blink Charging app, phone the number on the charger itself. They can resolve the issue if it’s something stopping you from charging, or they can send an engineer out if needed.