Talking Bus Stops

                                                                                                                                                                                Bus stop

What are Talking Bus Stops?

The council introduced Talking Bus Stops in 2007 to provide blind and visually impaired passengers access to real time bus information in Brighton & Hove.

People using the scheme have a battery-operated key fob which alerts them when they are near one of the talking bus stops. By pressing the fob the bus stop ‘talks’ to them, giving them details of which services are due, and where they are going to. There are now forty two Talking Bus Stops in the city.

The scheme has made a big difference to users, giving them greater confidence and independence to travel by bus.

How do I apply for a key fob?

To enquire about the system or apply for a key fob, please contact the Access Point Team on: 01273 295555 or email: