Sustainable transport around the city

Options in the city for sustainable transport.

There are many resources, schemes and ideas available to help you travel around the city in a sustainable way - helping you save money, burn calories and improve the city’s environment.

Planning your journey

Traveline Southeast - plan a door-to-door journey to / from anywhere outside of the city, using any combination of buses, coaches, trains and walking. 

  • Brighton & Hove Buses - find the bus routes, timetable and cost information for the main local bus service
  • The Big Lemon buses - this company has several electric buses and runs some supported bus services under contract to the city council
  • Stagecoach 700 service - provides local travel between Kingsway and the city centre
  • Metrobus - provides local travel between the A23 at Patcham and the city centre. 
  • Compass Travel - Runs a local bus route under contract to the city council.
  • Southern Railway - see the timetables and routes for Brighton & Hove rail stations

Add a PlusBus ticket to your rail journey and receive discounted Brighton & Hove bus travel for the day. View the details and limitations on the Brighton & Hove Buses page.

Walking and cycling

Walking and cycling around the city, using our extensive network of footpaths and cycle routes, can be the quickest and easiest way to get around. For more information go to our walking and cycling pages and view our city-wide cycle map [PDF 1.3mb].

Withdean park & ride

A park & ride scheme is available from the Withdean Sports Complex. The route, which is bus number 27, runs from Withdean, through the town centre to Rottingdean and Saltdean.

Find out more about it on our Withdean park & ride page.

Car clubs

Car clubs are a form of car share scheme and offer another alternative to owning a car in the city. They are perfect for those who have occasional need for a car or van.

The car club in Brighton & Hove is run by Enterprise. You can join and get information on the enterprise car club website.

Lift sharing

Lift sharing is a great way to reduce travelling costs and reduce your carbon footprint. To find out more go to

Electric vehicle charging points

As the number of electric and hybrid vehicles on our roads increases, we're continuing to grow Brighton & Hove’s electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure to help meet the demand.

This includes installing new chargers for residents, visitors, and businesses.

By installing more charging points across the city, we also work towards our goal of making the city carbon-neutral by 2030.

Find out more about EV charging points.

Low emission vehicles

You can get a 50% discount on a resident parking permit if you have a low emissions vehicle.

Low emission is defined as a vehicle (not a diesel vehicle) that produces 110g/km or less CO2 emissions. This needs to be verified by the production of the V5C.

Vehicles that qualify include certain models of Fiat 500, VW Polo, Vauxhall Corsa, Audi A1, Ford Fiesta and many more including most hybrid or electric vehicles.

For more information go to the parking permit page.

Getting to school


Walking to school has many advantages including health, social and environmental benefits. The council supports the Walk to School Campaign and has two events promoting this every year. For more information on walking to school and various schemes around it, including Park & Stride, go to our walking to school page.

Cycling and scooting

We also encourage cycling and scooting to school and offer free training around this. For more information see our cycling and scooting to school page.

Other alternatives and more information

For more information around travelling to school and using public transport for school travel go to our school travel page.

All of this means that as a city we have an above average rate for primary school children walking to school.

Regeneration projects

The council has won over £4m to improve one of Brighton’s busiest roads and cut congestion. Lewes Road is also amongst the worst areas for air quality in the city and the fund will help towards tackling this as well as making it easier and safer for those using this route.

For more information and to see how you can get involved go to our Lewes Road transport improvements page.

What this all works towards and more information

By travelling around the city in healthy and sustainable ways you help towards reducing congestion and improving the city's air quality and health.

More information: