Shoreham Airport

view of shoreham airport Shoreham Airport is a major base for flying activities on the south coast and, for those conducting business in the South East of England, provides an excellent entry and departure point for Western Europe and the Channel Islands with easy access to Gatwick Airport, London and the rest of the UK. The conference and resort city of Brighton & Hove and the town of Worthing are within a short drive of the Airport.

As the oldest established airport in the UK Shoreham Airport has served flying interests since the early days and has a unique character of its own, with an art-deco terminal building (designated as being of significant architectural importance) which retains the ambiance of a more leisurely era of air travel.

With its friendly, personal and stress-free atmosphere, Shoreham's facilities are tailored to today's General Aviation needs, with tarmac runways, lighting, fuelling and full air traffic control services. Full customs and immigration services are also available. Constant upgrading matches the requirement of the modern traveller. Inside the terminal there is a passenger lounge and reception area, a restaurant and bar and meeting and conference facilities.

Shoreham is a public airport and welcomes the general public at all times to see and enjoy its many activities. There are official airport guided tours, viewing areas, picnic sites and free parking.

Several of the operators offer flying lessons at very reasonable rates, or you can take a pleasure flight in one of the many smaller aircraft for a bird's eye view of the local area.




For general enquiries contact:

T: 01273 467373

or Visit Shoreham Airport's website