Share the Roads, Share the Responsibility - Drivers

A council campaign encouraging drivers to be more aware of risks while driving.


The biggest contributory cause to collisions in Brighton & Hove is where drivers failed to look properly

Get around your city safely - mobile phone danger poster

Use all your mirrors - check blindspots as well. Consider fitting a blindspot mirror or similar device.

Drive at an appropriate speed - within the limit - give yourself time to react.

Distractions - sat navs / smartphones / mobiles even with hands free kits - take your eyes and mind off the road.  Pull over safely if you have to use them.  See our campaign What Did I Miss.  Mobile phone penalties have recently doubled.  If you are a new driver (less that 2 years full licence) and are caught using a hand held mobile phone, you will lose your licence.  The alternative can be worse.

Look, once, twice at junctions.  Motorbikes may look small at a distance but could be travelling at speed - be aware of this

Look well ahead - and behind - anticipate.

Consider doing Advanced Driving courses or modules with the Institute of Advanced Motorists or RoSPA.  Both have active local groups willing to help you improve your skills. IAM modular courses .

More local information can be found here.  New Driver information  here and older driver information here.


Sideswiping a cyclist may push them into the path of another vehicle


TfL Awareness test

It's all too easy to miss something we don't expect. Most collisions happen within five miles of participant's home's - on roads they know well. It can be easy to be on autopilot.