Safety improvements to Lewes Road, Elm Grove and Union Road junction

How we've made Lewes Road, Elm Grove and Union Road junction safer

Update - Monday, 18 December

Safety improvement work at the junctions of Lewes Road with Elm Grove and Union Road is complete and the new lights at Elm Grove/Lewes Road are now in action.

We are currently completing some line markings but this will not affect traffic flows.

We are also adjusting the signals based on real traffic flows.

This location was identified for a signal upgrade as part of the Better Bus Area Fund in 2014. The junction represents the missing link between the previous work on the Lewes Road corridor and the improvements on Edward Street. An upgrade of the signals to improve the communication between these key junctions was prioritised and the scheme extended to include safety improvements for pedestrians and cyclists.

Benefits of the scheme

The key elements of the proposals are summarised below:

  • Upgraded signal equipment.
  • Low level advanced traffic signals for cyclists to give them a head start through the junctions on Lewes Road and Elm Grove.
  • Upgrade of all pedestrian crossings to the new preferred puffin crossings with nearside signal heads.
  • Improved alignment of pedestrian crossings north of the junction with Elm Grove and across Elm Grove. New alignments are to meet pedestrian desire lines.
  • Enlarged pedestrian island on Elm Grove and Union Road to improve the waiting area for all users.
  • Red surfacing on cycle lane on Lewes Road as it passes the junction with Elm Grove to remind drivers to look for cyclists before turning.
  • 'Trixi mirror' under signal head on Lewes Road southbound carriageway at junction with Elm Grove.
  • Removal of central island on Lewes Road between junctions with Union Road and Elm Grove. Additional carriageway to be used to maximise cycle lane width and right-turn capacity in both directions.
  • Area of shared-space to be created on the footway on Lewes Road southbound opposite junction with Union Road. Currently 18% of cyclists coming from Elm Grove are informally using the footway to access The Level cycle track. This shared-space will give them a formal alternative to making a right-turn on the carriageway.
  • Conversion of pedestrian crossing to the south of junction with Union Road to a toucan crossing to accommodate this new facility.
  • Removal of unnecessary guardrail throughout the site.
  • Rationalisation of all lane widths to maximise cycle lane widths throughout.
  • Bus stop on northbound carriageway outside No. 12 – 15 Lewes Road to be extended southbound by 21 meters. This will bring it in line with the length of other new bus stops on Lewes Road, will allow the bus stop to accommodate up to two bendy buses and therefore prevent buses from blocking the carriageway.
  • Replacement of loading signs with larger ‘x’ height to improve visibility and therefore parking compliance.
  • Resurfacing of the carriageway on this section of Lewes Road. This is to ensure that the new line markings are clear and therefore safer for all road users. It will also improve the ride quality for cyclists and motorcyclists.

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