Seafront traffic management - Shelter hall work

We're working around the West Street shelter hall on the seafront to save the A259 road from collapse and secure it for the future. 

To repair the shelter hall and improve the junction we need to remove a lane of traffic on the westbound carriageway for approximately 100 metres for around two and a half years. Find out about the work on the West Street shelter hall.

Shared cycle and pedestrian path reopened

We're pleased to say that the shared cycle and pedestrian path on the seafront at the bottom of West Street is now open.

We had to close the pathway behind the current Shelter Hall work while our contractors carried out piling work to strengthen the seafront arches. The ground and structures there are very unstable and liable to movement.

Access to the lower prom

Vehicle access to the lower prom remains open for traders, deliveries and emergency services. Find out more about the relocation of the kiosk to East Street bastion.

Pedestrian crossings and subway closure

To help people reach the beach and seafront businesses, including the i360, we have created two temporary crossings over the A259 seafront road. One is outside the Brighton Centre, the other by Middle Street, installed at the request of local traders.

The subway linking the bottom of West Street with the beach is closed for around five months to enable works to take place. During this, two alternative crossings will be maintained at all times.

Details of the traffic management scheme

The junction will include a filter for right turns into West Street for westbound traffic. Access to Churchill Square and car parks will be kept open.

Traffic travelling southbound down West Street and heading west on the seafront will need to turn right on Russell Road and use the Cannon Place/A259 junction.

Shared pedestrian and cycle access along the upper promenade will be maintained at all times, along with access to the lower promenade.

The closure is expected to be in place for two and a half years. We will make sure that disruption to traffic is kept to a minimum, and the lane closure is linked to a plan to make sure traffic management is co-ordinated with other major schemes in the city.

To get the full details you can download the Shelter hall traffic management plans (PDF 1.4MB).

If you have any questions about the work on the site you can contact the team overseeing the work by email at

Events activities and other roadworks may also cause delays on the seafront. Please go to our latest travel news web page for details.