North Laine cycle contraflows

North Laine cycle contraflow map

As part of the council's commitment to develop a balanced and sustainable transport system in Brighton & Hove, we reviewed one-way streets in the North Laine area to see if they could be made two-way for cyclists and, therefore, more accessible and easier to use.

The review follows national guidance from the Department for Transport, which recently identified measures to promote safer cycling using innovative signage to enable two-way cycling on one-way streets. This is known as a 'cycle contraflow'.  

Cycle contraflows allow cyclists to avoid convoluted one-way streets, reducing travel time and the likelihood of making illegal and dangerous short-cuts. Contraflows require very little hard engineering measures and provide important links in the city cycle network at very low costs.

Since the initial review, we have developed plans to introduce contraflows in the North Laine area and, following consultation with residents and businesses, we are now ready to introduce cycle contraflows to 12 streets to form the basis of a cohesive contraflow network through the North Laine.

When completed, cyclists will be able to go in both directions on Church Street, Foundry Street, Gloucester Road, Gloucester Street, Kemp Street, Kensington Place, Kensing­ton Street, Over Street, Queen’s Gardens, Robert Street, Tidy Street and the bottom of Trafalgar Street.

All these streets will have the blue contraflow signs at either end, and the exception for cyclists will be included with the 'no entry' signs.


Cycle contraflow signs


Contraflow cycle facilities have also recently been installed in five streets in Richmond Heights as part of the extension to CPZ Zone C. The new facilities have been installed in Canning Street, Elmore Road, Stanley Street, Turner Street and Windmill Street. The signing and lining arrangement in Stanley Street and Richmond Heights is identical to how cycle contraflow facilities in the North Laine will appear.

There are also contraflow facilities in several other streets in the city including Campbell Road, Hampden Road, Preston Street, Ship Street and Trafalgar Street.