Caravans and trailers

Find out why you can't park caravans and trailers on the public highway and information about how to report a caravan that's parked on the road.

Why you can't park on the public highway

It is illegal to store a caravan, trailer or similar vehicle on the public highway.

These vehicles can:

  • take up valuable parking spaces
  • be a safety hazard to pedestrians, particularly children
  • be dangerous, if they are unstable or contain gas cylinders
  • attract anti-social behaviour
  • cause obstruction and nuisance to other road users

If you own a caravan or trailer

Think of where you can store it when not in use. If you do not have suitable parking at home then arrange to store the vehicle at a storage compound.

If you need to park the vehicle on the road to load and unload please limit this to a couple of days.

Make sure the vehicle is stable and that any hazards are removed. Do not allow people to live in the caravan or run electrical cables across the pavement.

Do not carry out repairs or maintenance on the road.

Report a caravan parked on the road

Email if you'd like to report a caravan, trailer or similar parked on the road.

The Highway Enforcement team will first investigate the vehicle. If the vehicle is claimed we will inform the owners that it cannot be stored on the road and ask that it be removed.

If after 2 months the vehicle has not been removed the council can remove it. The council will then seek to recover our costs from the owner.