Road safety engineering schemes

What schemes we're working on to improve road safety.

Improvements to the junction of Goldstone Villas / Eaton Villas / Clarendon Villas

A successful scheme has now been introduced which has seen no one injured in the past year.

School keep clear markings

Brighton & Hove City Council is committed to improving safety, especially for children. That is why the issue of children being subjected to unnecessary hazards outside their schools, with inconsiderate and dangerous parking on the school keep clear markings, concerns the city council.

As part of the council's commitment to child safety a 'No Stopping' order applies to all school keep clear markings across the city. Therefore the markings are legally enforceable. This means that if you stop or park on the school keep clear markings you could be issued with a penalty charge notice of £70.

Traffic calming

Traffic calming measures are used to slow the speed of the traffic, and make the environment safer for pedestrians and other road users. All traffic calming schemes undergo a consultation procedure prior to implementation; this involves statutory bodies such as the emergency services, councillors, bus operators, the public and other interested organisations.

In Brighton & Hove traffic calming measures are considered as part of the Safer Routes to School scheme and as safety measures in locations where accident problems have been identified. Download further information on traffic management schemes (PDF 184KB).

For further information about road safety engineering schemes in Brighton & Hove or if you have any concerns about road safety issues in a particular location, please email .