Road safety engineering schemes

What schemes we're working on to improve road safety.

In our Local Transport Plan we have an allocated budget for work on sites with a high collision history. In some cases, we can also use developer funds, also known as Section 106 funding.

We prioritise sites based on collision history. We also assess sites where we have received requests for safety improvements. Request a road safety improvement and find out how we prioritise requests.  

Trafalgar Street improvements

Following approval from councillors in March 2023, we're making changes to improve road safety in the Trafalgar Street area.

We're closing Blackman Street at its junction with Trafalgar Street. Traffic will still be able to use Blackman Street between Cheapside and the car park. It will remain open for cyclists like the existing closure at Station Street. 

The junction of Blackman street as it currently is.


We'll be making some changes at Whitecross Street to make it easier to cross the road. We're also extending the one-way restriction on Trafalgar Street from the Sydney Street junction to the Whitecross Street junction.

When work will start

The project will begin construction in January 2024. We've appointed Edburton to carry out the works. They will carry it out in two phases to minimise disruption.   

Phase 1 will include work on a pedestrian route and crossing improvements at the Whitecross Street junction.

Phase 2 will be the closure of Blackman Street at its junction with Trafalgar Street.

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