Road safety advice for businesses

CPC training for LGV/PCV drivers - Safer Urban Driving

Training for professional drivers of LGV/PCV vehicles exists to promote awareness of best practise techniques when driving in an urban environment. This training is compulsory for some London contracts and feedback suggests it is one of the most useful CPC courses for drivers they have taken. The Safer Urban Driving module raises awareness for drivers of cyclist behaviour and infrastructure. It is part practical - on the roads on a bike (with our cycle trainers, at your level of riding) and part classroom based.

We recommend the CPC module Safer Urban Driving, especially if you’ll be doing a lot of driving in the city. It is a module in the certificate of professional competence (CPC), which drivers of large goods and large passenger carrying vehicles have to keep up to date. The course is fully JAUPT registered - CLOCS and FORS recognised.

We no longer deliver this course ourselves. However, you can take the training with a local operator in the region. More information is available on the FORS website.   The operator we worked with is Lancing Driver Training – you can contact them by sending an email to

Driving for Better Business

Over 30 percent of all collisions on Sussex roads involve business drivers. Are you doing enough to protect your workforce and company on the roads?

It is rarely the large goods vehicles involved in collisions - much more often people driving in vans or their own/company cars in the line of their work.  Highways England's campaign Driving for Better Business gives clear guidance on how to manage people who drive for work to reduce costs and collisions.  Case studies highlight what has been acheived - and how - with advice on how to apply it to your situation.

In 2016 389 out of the 945 police reported collisions in Brighton & Hove involved a person driving for work.