Week 1

Date Road name
Monday 13 June Lucerne Road
Tuesday 14 June Waldegrave Road - east side
Wednesday 15 June Waldegrave Road - west side
Thursday 16 June Havelock Road  - east side
Friday 16 June Havelock Road - west side

Week 2

Date Road name
Monday 20 June Chester Terrace - east side
Tuesday 21 June Chester Terrace - west side
Wednesday 22 June Cleveland Road
Thursday 23 June Southdown Road north section - north of Stanford Avenue
Friday 24 June Eburton Avenue north section - north of Standord Ave

Week 3

Date Road name
Monday 27 June Preston Drove (north side)
Tuesday 28 June Preston Drove (south side)
Wednesday 29 June Standford Avenue (north side)
Thursday 30 June Standford Avenue (south side)
Friday 1 July Semley Road and Southdown Place


Week 4

Date Road name
Monday 4 July Edburton Avenue southern section - south of Stanford Ave
Tuesday 5 July St Andrews Road
Wednesday 6 July Springfield Road - north side and Grantham Road
Thursday 7 July Springfield Road - south side and Clyde Road
Friday 8 July Beaconsfield Road southern section - south of Springfield Road

Week 5

Date Road name
Monday 11 July Southdown Avenue southern section - east side, south of Stanford Ave, Belton Road, Round Hill Road and Round Hill Street
Tuesday 12 July Southdown Avenue southern section - west side, south of Stanford Ave, Crescent Road and Mayo Road
Wednesday 13 July Rugby Road - north side and Florence Road - north side
Thursday 14 July Rugby Road - south side and Florence Road  -south side
Friday 15 July Vere Road

Week 6

Date  Road name
Monday 18 July Preston Park Avenue - east side
Tuesday 19 July Preston Park Avenue - west side
Wednesday 20 July Ditchling Rise - north side
Thursday 21 July Ditchling Rise - south side
Friday 22 July Warleigh Road

Week 7

Date Road name
Monday 25 July Stanley Road, Shaftesbury Place and Shaftesbury Road
Tuesday 26 July Gerard Street, Lorne Road and Argyle Road
Wednesday 27 July Winchester Street, Yardley Street and Campbell Road
Thursday 28 July Ditchling Road - between Hollingdean Road and Hollingbury Road only
Friday 29 July Prince's Road


Week 8

Date Road name
Monday 1 August Preston Road - east side only, southwards from Ditchling Rise
Tuesday 2 August Roundhill Crescent - north side
Wednesday 3 August Roundhill Crescent - south side
Thursday 4 August Richmond Road - north section
Friday 5 August Richmond Road - south section

Week 9

Date Road name
Monday 8 August Ashdown Road, D'Aubigny Road and Princes Crescent
Tuesday 9 August Wakefield Road - cont. with DYLS on Upper Lewes Road where possible
Wednesday 10 August Upper Lewes Road - between Inverness Road and Park Crescent Road
Thursday 11 August Park Crescent Place and Newport Street
Friday 12 August Park Crescent Terrace

Week 10

Date Road name
Monday 15 August Park Crescent Road
Tuesday 16 August Trinity Street and Inverness Road
Wednesday 17 August Brewer Street and Aberdeen Road
Thursday 18 August Caledonian Road
Friday  Edinburgh Road

Week 11

Date Road name
Monday 22 August St Mary Magdalene Street and St Martin's Street
Tuesday 23 August St Paul's Street
Wednesday 24 August Shaftesbury Mews, Rose Hill and Bromley Road and snagging

From Thursday 25 August until Friday 9 September we will be correcting minor faults.


Week 1


Road Name

Thursday 1 September Balfour Road East
Friday 2 September Balfour Road West

Week 2

Date Road Name
Monday 5 September Osborne Road East
Tuesday 6 September Osborne Road West
Wednesday 7 September Lowther Road Both Sides
Thursday 8 September Dover Road Both Sides and Herbert Road Both Sides
Friday 9 September  Ashford Road Both Sides


Week 3

Date Road Name
Monday 12 September Sandgate Road Both Sides
Tuesday 13 September Loder Road North
Wednesday 14 September Loder Road South
Thursday 15 September Hythe Road Both Sides
Friday 16 September Loder Place and Hollingbury Terrace


Week 4

Date Road Name
Monday 19 September Ditchling Road East Side
Tuesday 20 September Ditchling Road West Side
Wednesday 21 September Hollingbury Park Avenue North and East Side
Thursday 22 September Hollingbury Park Avenue South and West Side
Friday 23 September Snagging


Week 5

Date Road Name
Monday 26 September Snagging
Tuesday 27 September Snagging
Wednesday 28 September Snagging
Thursday 29 September Snagging
Friday 30 September Snagging