Richmond Heights Cycle Contraflow


Contraflow cycle facilities have recently been installed in five streets in Richmond Heights as part of the extension to CPZ Zone C. The new facilities have been installed in Canning Street, Elmore Road, Stanley Street, Turner Street and Windmill Street.

Cycle contraflows allow cyclists to avoid convoluted one-way streets, reducing travel time and the likelihood of making illegal and dangerous short-cuts. Contraflows require very little hard engineering measures and provide important links in the city cycle network at very low costs.

Stanley Street cycle contraflow signage and road markings

The picture of Stanley Street shows what a typical contraflow street should look like in a 20mph zone. An ‘Except Cycles’ sign has been added below the 'No Entry' sign, the one-way sign has been changed to make drivers aware of contraflow-ing cyclists, advisory cycles lanes have been installed at the entry and exit into the street, and repeater cycle markings have been installed along the length of the street too.

The signing and lining arrangement in Stanley Street and Richmond Heights is identical to how cycle contraflow facilities in the North Laine will appear.