Public realm strategy

Brighton & Hove’s Public Realm Strategy aims to establish a coordinated, consistent and high quality approach to all work in the public realm, including the streetscape.

The overall objective is to ensure the city’s streets and public spaces are designed to bring maximum benefit to all residents. If all areas of the city work to maximum potential for residents, they will also be much more attractive for visitors.

Our Public Life Public Space Study audits the current quality of the public realm and makes recommendations as to how things can be improved in future.

The Streetscape Design Guidelines (PDF 3.5MB) contribute to delivery of the city’s Public Realm vision by setting out standard design and installation specifications for the elements that make up the streetscape (such as street furniture and surface materials) along with the issues that should be considered when choosing and implementing them. The Guidelines are designed to help anyone who works in the City’s public realm contribute to delivering the high quality, coordinated public realm our residents deserve.

The Social and Emotional Benefits of Good Design (PDF 650KB)  is a research study we’ve undertaken to:

  • Better understand the social and emotional benefits of balanced street design, and
  • Develop new methodologies for assessing and evaluating the social and emotional benefits of balanced street design.

Social and emotional benefits of successful streets are difficult to quantify, not least because of the intangible nature of emotions. However, consideration of these benefits is critical if we are to make fully informed decisions on the cost / benefit values of investing in well designed streets. The research focuses on New Road and Church Street in Brighton.