Personalised Travel Planning

Travel planning available to people to help people get around the city.

We help you to save cash and feel better by cycling, walking, and travelling by bus and train a bit more, and by driving a bit less or more economically.

On your doorstep 2015

Travel advisorsTravel Advisors meet residents on the doorstep, chat about travel choices and offer free advice, information and support. Since 2006, we have talked to around 100,000 people nearly everyone has said that they welcome this call. Many residents have completed one week travel diaries and in return received free bus passes, pedometers, bike locks, bike lights or high visibility wear – you could too.

Funding has been awarded by the Department for Transport to continue the work in 2015, this time focusing on:

  • Hanover and Elm Grove
  • Queen’s Park
  • Tarner
  • St James’s
  • Kemp Town
  • Craven Vale and the Bristol Estate.

If you live in one of these areas, we’d love to hear about how we can help you, your household and neighbours.

Supporting your ideas

We help residents to take up the type of active travel that suits you best. Some have asked for a confidence boost from adult cycle training, others have asked for help with local countryside trips for groups by bus and train. Our eco-driver 50 minute lessons have saved experienced drivers an average £185 on car fuel bills; many have tried the City Car Club or electric-assisted bikes.  “Playing Out”, with a residential road closed for a few hours to allow families to get together, has been especially popular.

Contact us

If you have ideas that you’d like supported or would like some transport advice for getting around the city, please contact the team via email on or telephone 01273 290498.

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