Shared use bay

Find out what shared use bays are for, when you can use them and answers to frequently asked questions.


What shared use bays are for

A shared use bay is a parking bay which can be used by a permit holder and for paid parking.

Can I park in a shared use bay?

You can park in a shared use bay if you are displaying a:

  • resident permit
  • visitor permit
  • hotel permit
  • business permit
  • traders permit
  • council dispensation, also known as an essential council worker permit, for up to one hour


If using a permit please ensure that:

  • it's clearly displayed in the vehicle
  • it's valid for the vehicle that it is displayed in
  • the vehicle is parked in the designated zone that the permit is valid for
  • the permit has been completed in line with the conditions of use 

Can I park a motorcycle in a shared use bay?

You cannot park in a shared use bay with a motorcycle.

We provide free motorcycle parking throughout the city and you should leave your motorcycle in one of these bays.

Can I park a trike in a paid parking bay?

You can park a trike in a  shared use bay and pay for your parking using PaybyPhone.

Why do we have shared use bays?

Shared use bays give everybody from residents, visitors, tourists and businesses opportunities to park in the city.

I have received a penalty charge notice when parking in a shared use bay, what do I do?

Permit holders should check that they were able to use the shared use bay and that the permit had been displayed in line with the relevant permit’s terms and conditions.

Paid parking users should check that the parking session was valid using PaybyPhone.

You should then decide whether to: