Resident parking permits

Find out about resident parking permits for the zone you live in, how to apply through MyAccount and what you'll need to apply.

You can read our most recent service update for help on getting and renewing parking permits.

How to apply for or renew a resident parking permit

You can apply for resident parking permits through MyAccount.

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Important information before you proceed

Whether you are applying for or renewing a resident parking permit, we will need to check that  you match our eligibility criteria for holding a permit.  This is so we can ensure that only eligible people receive permits to park in your zone.

To qualify for a resident permit you need to:

  • be 17 years of age or over
  • be resident in the property you are applying for at least five nights a week

You will need to upload copies of:

  • one proof of residency dated within the last three months. This must be in your name, and be addressed to you at the property you are requesting a permit for.  This can be something like a utility bill, bank statement, council tax bill, mortgage or tenancy agreement.
  • you must also provide the Schedule page of your valid motor insurance policy, with your name and the correct address on it. Please note that if your insurance policy doesn’t have the right details it won’t be accepted,  We will alternatively accept your full V5c Vehicle Registration document, if it shows the vehicle to be registered in your name at your address.

Please note that properties within ‘private’ roads and properties defined as being within a car free development are eligible for visitor parking permits only.

To view our current permit prices please visit our permit price webpage

Phone lines

If you've applied for a new resident parking permit or you're renewing a resident parking permit, you can expect to receive it 7 days after you submitted your application. 

If you do not have access the internet we will help you fill in the online form.

This may mean you'll need to take extra steps after the phone call to complete your application. This could include providing us with proof of your address or vehicle documents by post.

The parking services phone line is open to support customers that are not able to access our service through the website and online forms.

Officers answering these calls are only able to assist you to complete online forms. If you need help you can phone us on 01273 296 622 between 9am and 1:30pm Monday to Friday. 

Resident parking permit

Before you start, find out which parking zone you live in using our parking zones map.

If you live in a controlled parking zone (CPZ) we offer resident permits and visitor permits that your guests can use.

A resident permit does not guarantee you a parking space and there might be a waiting list for a parking permit in your parking zone.

Please make sure you read and agree to the resident permit terms and conditions

You can only apply for one resident permit per person but there is no limit on the number of residents who can apply in any one household.

Students living in Brighton & Hove 

Find information about resident permits for students and how to apply.

Who can't apply

You're not eligible for a parking permit if you:

  • live in a car-free development (PDF 202KB)
  • have a vehicle which weighs more than 2,540 kilograms, is over 2.25 metres high or is over 6 metres long
  • if you're a landlord, property owner or do not reside at the application address on a full time basis - this includes second home owners

More information about resident parking permits

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Learn how you can:

Where you can park with a resident parking permit

You can use your resident permit to park in permit bays and shared permit bays within your parking zone. 

You can't park in:

  • paid parking bays within their hours of operation
  • loading bays
  • disabled bays
  • doctor bays
  • on single or double yellow lines
  • suspended parking bays