Parking permit waiting list information

Parking permit centre

The Parking Permit centre at Hove Town Hall is closed.

The Customer Service Centres are open in Brighton Town Hall and Hove Town Hall.

What is available at Customer Service Centres

You can find:

  • free internet access, computers, scanners and phones to contact the council or access services
  • support from staff to use the facilities
  • basic signposting to the relevant council service, to contact online or over the phone

What is not available at Customer Service Centres

You will not be able to:

  • get face to face service from specific teams, like Parking services, Concessionary Travel
  • buy or collect parking permits
  • pay parking fines

Which zones have waiting lists 

Currently zone Mzone Y and zone Z have a waiting list.

If you move to an address in one of these zones you will need to join a waiting list for your permit.

Why there's a waiting list

Due to the number of flats and houses in Brighton & Hove and the amount of available parking spaces it is necessary to introduce waiting lists for certain parking zones.

How the waiting list works

There are a set number of permits available for each parking zone. Each month we offer the number of permits which have been returned, or not renewed, from the previous month. This number can vary considerably therefore waiting times are approximate.

Blue Badge holders are automatically eligible for a residents permit and do not need to join the waiting list.

If you currently hold a permit you must give it back to us before you can be added to the waiting list.

If you move from one waiting list parking zone to another waiting list parking zone, you will need to join the waiting list for your new parking zone.

Join the waiting list

To join the waiting list you must sign up to MyAccount. You will be required to include one proof of address.

Phone lines

If you cannot access the internet we'll help you get onto the waiting list. This may require you to take extra steps after the phone call to complete your request, such as providing proof of address.

The parking services phone line is open to support customers unable to access our service through the website and online forms, officers answering these calls will only be able to assist you completing online forms.  

If you require assistance you can phone us on 01273 296 622 between 9am to 1:30pm Monday to Friday.

More information

If you have any questions about the parking permit waiting list you can contact Parking Services using the online form.

You'll need to:

  • fill in your contact details
  • select 'Other' from the dropdown list
  • fill in the relevant information fields
  • start the text in the message box with 'Waiting list query'