Paid parking - formerly known as pay and display

Find out where the pay and display machines are in Brighton & Hove, how to use them, how to pay for parking using PayByPhone, charges for car parks, how to report a machine fault and where to charge your electric vehicle.

Pay and display machines in Brighton & Hove

Pay and display machines are available throughout Brighton & Hove.

The cost and maximum allowed time for parking will vary depending on the demand for available spaces.

There is a variety of short, medium and long-term spaces across the city.

Long-term pay and display parking is not available in extremely busy locations, like in the centre of Brighton.

Where the pay and display machines are

Get locations of pay and display machines by both parking zone and alphabetically by road name.

How to use the pay and display machines

All of our pay and display machines allow drivers to pay for parking with debit and credit cards.They also accept contactless payment with cards and smartphones. Some machines also take coins.

For detailed information about using on-street pay and display machines, please go to our pay and display machine guide.

Find costs for parking

You can check specific zone information for the cost of parking in Brighton & Hove. It varies depending on demand for available spaces.  

Find locations and costs for car parks

Brighton & Hove has a range of car parks across the city

PayByPhone or pay at a local PayPoint shop

As well as paying for your parking at a pay and display machine, you can also pay using your mobile phone or at a local shop which has PayPoint. 

Report a machine fault

Although our pay and display machines are regularly checked by a team of maintenance technicians, faults do sometimes happen.

If you come across an issue please report the problem with the machine, or phone the answer phone on 01273 292 243 any time.

Charge your electric car

Explore the Zap-Map to find your nearest on-street charge point in the UK.

Find all on-street and off-street parking spaces

Download the free AppyParking app where you can see all the on-street and off-street parking spaces. It is available on iOS and Android.