Paid parking bays - previously known as pay and display bays

Find out what paid parking bays are for, when you can use them and answers to frequently asked questions.

What paid parking bays are for

Paid parking bays provide wide access to all parts of the city for different motorists.

    Who can park in a paid parking bay

    Paid parking bays are for vehicles with a valid PaybyPhone session

    When you pay for a PaybyPhone session, make sure that:

    • the parking session is valid for the correct date and time of the stay (tariffs will be calculated automatically)
    • the vehicle is parked completely within the bay markings
    • the bay is not suspended
    • you have not overstayed the maximum stay as stated on the sign on the street

    You can also park in a paid parking bay with a traders permit.

    Motorcycles and paid parking bays

    You cannot park in a paid parking bay with a motorcycle.

    We provide free motorcycle parking throughout the city and you should leave your motorcycle in one of these bays.

    Trikes and paid parking bays

    You can park a trike in a paid parking bay.

    How much it costs to park in a paid parking bay

    The cost of parking in paid parking  bays varies by location. This is due to the different demands on parking spaces.

    What the restrictions are

    The sign on the street will tell you this. If no times are shown the bay operates at all times, 24 hours a day and every day.

    What to do if you receive a penalty charge notice

    You should check:

    • that you can park in the paid parking bay
    • that you have displayed your traders permit

    You should then decide whether to: