Motorcycle bays

Find out what motorcycle bays are for and when you can use them.

motorcycle parking sign

Parking a motorcycle

Motorcycle bays are available for free in Brighton & Hove. They are only for solo motorcycles.

We encourage motorcycles as a sustainable alternative to a car. Using a motorcycle bay minimises damage to motorcycles and other vehicles.

You're not allowed to park a motorcycle in other bays including resident permit bays or paid parking bays. This applies even if you have a valid paid parking session.

Find a motorcycle bay

You can find over 700 motorcycle bays across the city. Over 60 of these bays have locking provisions.

Find motorcycle bay locations by parking zone.


The sign on the street will have information about restrictions. If there are no times shown, the bay can be used 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Parking a trike

You can't park a trike in a motorcycle bay, but you can park them in a paid parking bay.

If you're a resident of Brighton & Hove you can buy a resident permit. Make sure that you display your permit and that you fix your permit securely.

Penalty charges

If you have received a penalty charge notice you can: