Limited waiting

A sign giving restrictions for a pay and display areaA limited waiting bay is where you can park for free for a short period of time.  

Can I park in a limited waiting bay?

You can park in a limited waiting bay but you should only stay there for the maximum amount of time allowed. Do not return to that same bay within the time stated on the sign in the street.

Why do we have limited waiting bays?

Limited waiting bays are usually in areas where there is no other controlled parking such as paid parking or permit parking. The limited waiting bays allow motorists to park close to shops or other amenities such as public parks.  

How do I know what the restriction times are?

The sign on the street will tell you this.

I have received a Penalty Charge Notice when parking in a limited waiting bay what do I do?

You should check that you have not overstayed the maximum time that you are allowed to wait there or returned to the same bay within the time stated on the sign. 

You should then decide whether to: