Essential work permit terms and conditions

Read the terms and conditions you must follow when you use an essential work permit.

Terms and conditions

The permit is only valid as shown.

It must be clearly placed on or behind the windscreen of a vehicle so that it can be clearly seen from the outside.

The dispensation is for single or double yellow lines except where loading restrictions are in place and resident permit bays.

The dispensation is only for the duration shown.

Vehicles can only be parked for up to 20 minutes on single or double yellow lines where a loading ban is not in place (loading bans are indicated by 1 or 2 repeating yellow lines on the kerb itself) or up to 1 hour in a resident permit bay.

The dispensation can only be used when undertaking statutory duties.

The vehicle must be moved when instructed to do so by a police officer or Civil Enforcement Officer.

Materials or goods must not be left on the pavement or road except temporarily at the rear of the vehicle.

The vehicle should not be parked across any part of the pavement or road so as to cause an obstruction to pedestrians or other vehicles.