Doctor's bay permit

Find out if you can get a doctor's bay permit, how much it costs, where you can park and answers to frequently asked questions.

What you need to get a doctor's bay permit

You can get a doctor's bay permit if there is a doctor's bay allocated to your surgery.

If you have a doctor's permit for your vehicle, and are a doctor working at the surgery where the bay is, you can park in the doctor's bay.

You need a letter, on headed paper, confirming the doctors registered at the practice.

How much it costs

We issue doctor's permits free of charge, but there is a yearly charge of £100 per doctor's bay.

You can pay by cheque and credit or debit card.

How to apply or renew a doctor's bay permit

The Parking Permit centre at Hove Town Hall is closed so we are unable to process application forms in person.

The Customer Service Centres are open in Brighton Town Hall and Hove Town Hall.

You can visit us in person, where you'll find:

  • free internet access, computers, scanners and telephones for customers to use to contact or make transactions with the council
  • support from staff to use these facilities 
  • basic signposting to the relevant council service to be contacted via online or over the phone

You won't be able to:

  • meet a specific service face to face like Parking services or Concessionary Travel
  • buy or collect parking permits 
  • pay parking fines 

Please complete the doctor's permit application form. Then send the form in an online message and take the following steps:

  1. input your surgery postcode
  2. select your surgery address
  3. fill in your personal details, including a surgery email address and phone number so an officer can call you to take payment for the doctor’s bay charge
  4. select “Permits Other”
  5. then “All other”
  6. type “Doctors Bay Permit” in the “Please give details” section

Then all other details requested if known, please select “Yes” to the question “Are you contacting us about your own address”

Please ensure the evidence of a letter, on headed paper, confirming the doctors registered at the practice is also attached with your application.

Or post it to:

Parking Customer Services
Hove Town Hall
Norton Road

For postal applications please ensure a phone number is provided on the application form so an Officer can call you to take payment for the doctors bay.  Alternatively you can send a cheque payable to Brighton & Hove City Council.  Please do not post cash.

For details of how we handle the information that you provide to us, please read our privacy and data page and see our privacy notices.

How to contact us

The parking services phone line is open to support you if you're not able to access our service through the website and online. Officers answering these calls will help you to complete your doctor’s bay permit application.

If you need help you can phone us on 01273 296 622 between 9am and 1:30pm Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays.

What you should do if you don't work at the doctor's surgery anymore

You'll need to give back the permit to the doctors surgery.

What you should do if you receive a penalty charge notice when using a doctor's permit

Please check that you parked in a doctor's bay and that you have used the permit in accordance with the terms and conditions of use.

You should then decide whether to:

How to apply for a new doctor’s bay

To apply for a new doctor’s bay please send us an online message.