Community car club

What is a car club?

Cars clubs offer car hire on an hourly and daily basis to their members.  Most ask for either a monthly or annual membership fee.

Members can book a car in advance or pick it up without pre-booking and they pay for the amount of time the car is used. Businesses can also buy car club membership.

Cars belonging to the car club normally have a dedicated parking space. These are located in a variety of places across the city.  New developments have the potential to allocate a parking space for car club vehicles.

How can car clubs contribute to sustainable transport?

Research suggests that for each car club car, the need for between five and eight privately owned vehicles in a development may be removed. Car clubs can help to reduce congestion and relieve the pressure on parking spaces in urban areas.

What car clubs operate in Brighton & Hove?

The car club in Brighton & Hove is run by Enterprise.

You can join and get information on the enterprise car club website