Carer's permit

Find out if you can get a carer's permit, how much it costs and how to use it.

Parking Permit centre 

The Parking Permit centre at Hove Town Hall is currently closed.

The Customer Service Centres are open in Brighton Town Hall and Hove Town Hall.

What is available at Customer Service Centres

You can find:

  • free internet access, computers, scanners and phones to contact the council or access services
  • support from staff to use the facilities
  • basic signposting to the relevant council service, to contact online or over the phone

What is not available at Customer Service Centres

You will not be able to:

  • get face to face service from specific teams, like Parking services, Concessionary Travel
  • buy or collect parking permits
  • pay parking fines

Please use the online service to upload completed carer application forms or post them directly to us at:

Parking Customer Services, G39 Hove Town Hall, Norton Road, Hove, BN3 3BQ.

Please note postal applications may take longer to process.   

For details of how we handle the information that you provide to us, please read our privacy and data page and see our privacy notices

Phone lines

The parking customer service phone lines are now only answered from 9am to 1:30pm.

Please use the online service as an alternative to calling us.

Phone 01273 29 66 22 

Carers permit

A carers permit can be applied for if a carer has to visit a resident or residents who need to be cared for by virtue of age, physical or mental infirmity, as well as women requiring antenatal or postnatal care.

Can I get a carers permit?

You can if you visit a resident or residents who need to be cared for by virtue of age, physical or mental infirmity, as well as women requiring antenatal or postnatal care.

If you work for an agency or are self employed then you cannot apply for a carers permit. You may be eligible for a Professional Carers Badge.

What evidence do I need to provide?

The doctor of the person you are caring for needs to sign a declaration on the application form confirming that the resident needs to be cared for. This declaration states:

''...the person named and living at the address in section E (name of person being cared for) is suffering from physical and/or mental infirmity or having ante and/or post natal treatment, and is assisted by a carer.''

What form do I need to fill in?

Please fill in a carers first parking permit application form and return it to us by post or by uploading it via our online service.     

What is the cost of a carers permit?

Brighton & Hove City council process and administer these permits for £10. There may also be a charge from the doctor signing the declaration.

How do I use the carer's permit?

The carer's permit should be clearly displayed in the vehicle when you are parking at the residents property to care for them.

It is not valid after the expiry date.

Where can I park with a carer's permit?

You can park in a permit bay, or shared use bay, in the zone indicated on the front of the permit but not a paid parking bay.

The permit does not allow you to park anywhere else.

You cannot park in a disabled bay with a carer’s permit. Any vehicle parked in a disabled bay with a carer’s permit will get a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN). 

I am changing my vehicle what do I do?

You must inform the council as soon as possible that you have changed your vehicle via our online service or by phone. 

I need to renew my carer's permit what do I do?

Once the permit expires you must apply again for another carer's permit. This means you need to fill in a carers renewal form and you'll need the doctor of the person being cared for to sign the declaration again, even if this condition is ongoing or lifelong.

You can upload the completed application form through our online service or post it to us.

I have received a penalty charge notice when using my carer's permit what do I do?

You should check that you have used the permit in accordance with the conditions of use.

You should then decide whether to: