Acceptable proofs for vehicle keepers

Find out which documents you can use to prove that you are the keeper of the vehicle you'd like a permit for.

What you need to give us

To ensure that we are only issuing permits to residents who keep a vehicle at their Brighton & Hove address we are unable to issue a permit without proof of vehicle.

For a full 12-month permit

To enable us to issue you with a full 12 month permit you will need to provide:

Acceptable proof Details
Full UK vehicle registration document

We will be able to issue a three month permit if the vehicle is not registered in your name or to the permit address.

After the three month permit has expired you will be asked to show your updated V5C when you renew.

You will need to contact the DVLA to get this changed.

If you do not have a full UK vehicle registration document please go to table below.

Hire/lease agreement The agreement must show your name and address plus confirmation that the hire/lease agreement is valid, i.e the start and end dates of the agreement.
Company letter

If the vehicle you are keeping is a company vehicle we will need to see a letter of confirmation from your company.

The letter should be on headed paper and confirm the following details:

  1. Name of keeper
  2. Address of keeper
  3. Vehicle registration
  4. Vehicle make, model and colour.
Insurance document This must show your name and address and Vehicle Registration Number. The start and end of the agreement must also be shown on the document.

For one 3-month permit

The following examples will enable us to issue one 3 month permit only. To renew this permit the full vehicle registration document would need to be provided.

Acceptable Proof Details
Pre-certificate of registration This is issued when you have purchased a brand new vehicle.
Non UK vehicle registration document We are only able to issue a 3 month permit to a non UK registered vehicle. The vehicle must be re-registered in the UK to be able to renew after this period.
Receipt of sale This must be an official receipt from a garage, on headed paper, confirming the sale date which should be within 3 months to enable us to issue a 3 month permit.
New keeper supplement This is given to you when you purchase a second hand vehicle.