Old Shoreham Road - cycle and pedestrian improvements

Summer of cycling banner

We’re finished!

The new cycle and pedestrian facilities are now complete! - We’d like to thank you for your patience during the work to the Old Shoreham Road.

The new facilities will bring benefits for everyone:

  • A more pleasant and safe walking and cycling environment, encouraging young people and adults to use the route to and from school, work and leisure activities.
  • More efficient and safe traffic light junctions with pedestrian and cycle crossing points.
  • Pedestrian priority raised crossings at junctions from buggies, wheelchairs and scooters.
  • A wide, raised zebra crossing giving pedestrian priority particularly when on route to school.
  • Accessible bus stops and improved street lighting.

Background information

The city council won £330,000 from the sustainable transport charity Sustrans to deliver the improvements. The implementation of the western part of the scheme has been in progress since November 2011.

The aim of the scheme is to provide a route for young people to travel to school on foot or by bike, thereby easing congestion during peak periods. The cycle and pedestrian improvements will include

  • Full segregation for cyclists from motor vehicles, achieved by providing
    a low kerb edge, and segregation for pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Improvements to side road junctions to make crossing the road easier for
    pedestrians and people with mobility problems.
  • Shared areas for cyclists and pedestrians at bus stops.
  • A new zebra crossing across Old Shoreham Road at Chanctonbury Road.

The council first carried out a wide consultation with residents about proposals for cycle and pedestrian facilities on the Old Shoreham Road in 2009 (view plans from the 2009 survey) and 66% of respondents felt that cycle facilities were needed. At the time a decision was made by councillors not to proceed due to concerns around cycle user safety.

In 2011 the council reviewed the original designs to enhance a section of the Old Shoreham Road between The Drive and Dyke Road (BHASVIC). The public consultation in September 2011 showed that 75% of respondents supported proposals to install cycle and pedestrian facilities along Old Shoreham Road  between the junctions of The Drive with Shirley Drive and Dyke Road. Find out more about the   2011 Old Shoreham Road consultation