Hackney Carriage Office - taxi complaints procedure

Find out how to make a complaint about a taxi, this includes complaints about a driver's behaviour, overcharging or a problem with the vehicle.

Are you unhappy with a taxi's service?

If you have booked a taxi through a taxi operator and have a complaint about your journey, such as the route taken, the driver's attitude or the fare charged, please speak to the taxi operator. If they feel your complaint is sufficiently serious, they will refer your complaint to the Hackney Carriage Office.

Alternatively, if you are not satisfied with the response from the taxi operator, or you have a complaint about a taxi operator, please contact us about taxis. This form can also be used if you have hailed a taxi off the street or from a rank and your complaint is about:

  • a driver's behaviour
  • the vehicle 
  • the driver not taking the direct route
  • the meter being incorrect
  • overcharging
  • the driver refusing to take a wheelchair user or not strapping a wheelchair in the vehicle, or refusing an assistance dog

However, If your complaint is about:

  • antisocial driving
  • unsafe driving/speeding
  • using mobile phones while driving
  • moving traffic offences
  • road rage
  • ignoring traffic signs and signals

Please report it to Sussex Police via Operation Crackdown

Complaints such as assault, verbal abuse or suspected theft by the driver should be reported to Sussex Police as soon as possible for an investigation.

Complaints about illegal parking should be reported to the parking enforcement team.

Please be aware that we can only investigate identifiable drivers and vehicles. The easiest way is to note the vehicle licence number, which is displayed on the rear passenger doors or on the plate at the rear of the vehicle.

Every driver is also issued with an identity badge, which has their photograph on it, together with their licence number. If needed, you can ask for a receipt at the end of the journey and ask the driver for the vehicle number.

Your privacy rights: You have the rights around the information we hold on you. If you are in contact with us, please read our privacy statement.