Drink OR Drive

Find links to help you get home safely.

Driving under the influence of drink or drugs is illegal - don't get in a vehicle with an impaired driver.

Plan your journey home.

Drink drive posterOver the last five years alcohol related collisions in Sussex have cost society £197,770,000. Almost one fifth of fatal collisions in Sussex were alcohol related.

Anti drink/drug-drive operations happen throughout the year. Police can also breathalyse any drivers they have stopped if they suspect they have been drinking/using drugs and will do so with drivers involved in a collision.

To be absolutely sure the safe limit for driving is no alcohol or drugs whatsoever. Even amounts small can impair driving ability. It is now recognised that drug use can significantly affect your ability to drive safely -  the risks and penalties are the same.

Useful links

  • Advice from us - Drug & Alcohol support, advice and information in Brighton & Hove
  • Journey on which has a journey planning feature covering the whole city. Use JourneyOn to plan your journey home before you go out.
  • Traveline South East has journey planner for south east region.
  • ru-ok local drug/alcohol awareness support agency for under 18's and their carers in Brighton & Hove
  • YMCA Safe Space - St Paul's Church, West Street - open Fridays & Saturdays 11pm - 3:30am

Getting home at night - from Plan B to Get Your Coat app

Driver or passenger - we want you to get home after a good night out - we distributed Plan B cards giving night travel info for the past 5 years.

We're now promoting a free app  "Get Your Coat" which searches the area you are in for late night travel options.  It's also got other useful features for a night out - alarm for last bus/train - arrived safe or unsafe location key.  Timetables change regularly and this robust app works nationwide - even tested in Singapore successfully.  It is available on Apple and Android platforms.

The link is:  Get Your Coat app - let us know what you think - roadsafety@brighton-hove.gov.uk .

Local services

Night time bus services on the Brighton & Hove Buses website.

Last trains from Brighton - travelineSE.

Taxi companies

  • Brighton & Hove Streamline 01273 202020 or 747474

  • Brighton & Hove Radio Cabs 01273 204060 or 414141

  • City Cabs 01273 205205