Cycle parking in Brighton & Hove

Find cycle parking spaces around the city or request a new cycle parking space.

Bikes parked at Pedal Cycle Parking Place

The council is committed to increasing the amount of Cycle Parking available to use in and around the city. Cycle parking facilities are installed on either the footway or the highway depending on availability of space. Where cycle parking is installed on the road they are referred to as Pedal Cycle Parking Places (PCPPs).

Some of our most recent cycle parking installations have been in the following locations:

  • Coleman Street, Brighton (PCPP)
  • Ewart Street, Brighton (PCPP)
  • Grove Street, Brighton (PCPP)
  • Jackson Street, Brighton (PCPP)
  • Lincoln Street, Brighton (PCPP)
  • Montreal Road, Brighton (PCPP)
  • Pevensey Road, Brighton (PCPP)
  • Linton Road, Hove (PCPP)
  • Western Road, Brighton
  • Powis Square, Brighton
  • Palmeira Square, Brighton
  • Waterloo Street, Hove
  • Brunswick Terrace, Hove

If you would like your street to be considered for a pedal cycling parking place, you can submit a request for cycle parking form.

You can also contact

Cycle hangars

We will soon be rolling out a programme of installing cycle hangars across the city, in order to help residents park their bikes securely near their homes. Find out more about cycle hangars.

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