We have received two government grants to improve Western Road between Montpelier Road and the Clock Tower. 

The improvements are designed to make the street a more attractive place to shop and spend time in, as well as make it easier for people travelling through. 

"Artists' impression of how Western Road will look, with more room for buses, taxis, bikes and pedestrians"

The council’s Environment, Transport and Sustainability Committee approved the changes on 22 July.The plans have since been developed in more detail and you can download the latest plan drawings.

The changes include: 

  • a resurfaced road
  • resurfaced and tidier pavements
  • a simpler road layout with a central strip to help with pedestrian crossing. Other crossings would also be provided
  • a new loading bay on the north side of Western Road to the west of Hampton Place
  • more cycle parking, seating and tree planting
  • removing Clarence Square bus stops. This is because they are very close to Churchill Square and it will help provide additional pavement space
  • improved pedestrian crossings
  • redesigning the Dyke Road junction with Western Road. This would remove the traffic lights and make Dyke Road a priority (‘give way’) junction but with traffic light crossings being retained on Western Road for pedestrians. This change will reduce waiting time for pedestrians at the Clock Tower with access to Queen Square instead being provided via Dyke Road

Next steps

A Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) was advertised in October 2021. This included changes to access restrictions near the Dyke Road junction. It also allows access for cyclists at Spring Street and Castle Street.

No objections were received and work will start later this year.

You can find more about the TRO consultation on our TRO page. See TRO-23a-2021, TRO-23b-2021 and TRO-23a-2021.

If you have any other questions on the project, please send an email to transport.projects@brighton-hove.gov.uk.