Improvements to Western Road

Our improvements to Western Road are designed to make the street a more attractive place to shop and spend time in. It will also make it easier for people travelling through and allow us to complete essential maintenance.

You can read more about the work below.

When construction is happening

We are completing the work in sections to minimise disruption. This means work will only take place in certain parts of the street at a time.

We'll carry out the remaining work as follows: 

  • August to December 2023 - work on the section between Montpelier Road and Churchill Square 
  • January to June 2024 - the junction with Dyke Road and North Street and opposite Churchill Square  

Extra restrictions will be in place at the Dyke Road junction from January 2023. 

We’re maintaining access to businesses during opening hours. We’ll also make sure a pedestrian route is provided alongside road works.

Western Road was reopened to buses on 14 August. Roadworks will continue until June 2024. Western Road will remain open during the day. We plan further night time closures later in the year. More information on this will be provided closer to the time. 

When we're working at side road junctions, some will need to be closed for a few weeks each. The length of closure will vary for each street. We'll be writing to those affected and providing details of alternative arrangements. 

Montpelier Road update October 2023

Montpelier Road will be closed southbound at the junction with Western Road from 2 October 2023 for 4 days. The Waitrose car park and properties on Montpelier Road will continue to be accessible.

Bus information

Buses are now operating along Western Road as normal. 

For more information on buses, you can:

What we're doing

"Artists' impression of how Western Road will look, with more room for buses, taxis, bikes and pedestrians"

The council’s Environment, Transport and Sustainability Committee approved the changes in July 2021. The plans have since been developed in more detail and you can download the latest plan drawings.

The changes include: 

  • a resurfaced road
  • resurfaced and tidier pavements
  • a simpler road layout with a central area to help with crossing for pedestrians
  • more cycle parking, seating, and tree planting
  • new street lighting

The changes also include redesigning the Dyke Road junction with Western Road. We will remove the traffic lights and make Dyke Road a priority (give way) junction. We’ll provide traffic light crossings for pedestrians on Western Road.

This change will reduce waiting time for pedestrians at the Clock Tower. Access to Queen Square will be via Dyke Road. Only buses, taxis and cyclists will be able to use North Street.


As part of the project, we'll plant new trees. The designs mean we will not have to remove any trees.  

However, the council’s tree specialists advised 2 mature trees west of Hampton Place, unfortunately had to be taken down. This is because they were in poor health and at risk of becoming unsafe.

We'll take the opportunity as part of the project to plant replacements.

How we've funded the changes

Most funding came from the Department of Transport after we successfully applied for their:

  1. Active Travel Fund
  2. Highway Maintenance Challenge Fund
  3. Bus Service Improvement Plan

Our Carbon Neutral Fund will also fund parts of the project like cycling infrastructure and tree planting.

Our consultation

We held a public consultation about the changes to Western Road in the spring of 2021. We also consulted on the proposals for other active travel schemes across the city. Find out more about the consultation.

To make changes to the Dyke Road junction we also had to make changes to the Traffic Regulation Orders (TRO). The changes were advertised and agreed on in October 2021.

We advertised a further TRO in December 2022 for minor amendments to loading areas. It also proposed allowing 2-way cycling on surrounding 1-way streets. Following feedback from residents, we're not planning to introduce 2-way cycling on most streets at this stage. However, Castle Street, Marlborough Street and Spring Street will be opened to cyclists at their junctions with Western Road.

Find more about the TRO consultation on our TRO page

The reference numbers are:

  • TRO-23a-2021
  • TRO-23b-2021
  • TRO-34a-2022
  • TRO-34b-2022
  • TRO-34c-2022

More information

If you have any questions about the project, send an email to